What are the Symbols of Squid Game Business Card

As there are games that not only improves on the emotional conditions of people through its constancy on lighting up their days and helping to refresh their brains, there also other games which are efficiently helpful for the human mental health and the promotion of the unity among people, that is, socialization. One of those very good games to be played with a view to achieving a perfect mental and intellectual reasoning power is the squid game, which brings us to the question of what are the symbols of squid game business card.

This game is popular across the Asian continent, most particularly Korean, even though it is also considered one of the most dangerous games in the world. It is so played that it was even filmed and then became more known across the world. The business card of this type of game actually have some symbols that define its brand. So, to the question “what are the symbols of squid game business card?”, this article will be subsequently outlining the symbols and probably their meanings each.

What are the Symbols of Squid Game Business Card

In case you have dreaming to know what are the symbols of squid game business card, this content is readily prepared for you to truly understand the meanings of each symbol of the game. These meanings are universal and quite comprehensible. Pay attention!


1. Circle

What are the Symbols of Squid Game Business Card

The circle represents the head of the squid reserved for the winners. The calling card is given to people down on their luck, in debt, and who have no way out of the lives they created. The workers wearing circle helmets tend to be the lowest rank. They cannot speak unless a worker with a higher ranking speaks to them first. They are given the job of carrying away dead bodies after the contestants are killed. I guess should answer the question of what are the symbols of squid game business card.

2. Triangle

What are the Symbols of Squid Game Business Card

Those with triangle masks seem to be a higher rank than circle employees, but they must still obey orders given to them by those with square masks. Workers wearing triangle masks appear to have the authority to hold guns and shoot contestants who fail the games.

3. Square

What are the Symbols of Squid Game Business Card

Employees with square masks hold the highest authority out of the workers in pink jumpsuits and they answer to the Front Man. They are allowed to man the CCTV cameras dotted around the game’s facilities and are often the ones speaking to the contestants behind the start of each round.


The players draw a square, followed by a triangle and a circle at the very top of the triangle to play the game. The shapes mimic a squid.

The shapes on the calling card were a clue to round 6 from the very beginning. The card indicated the very last game the players would be forced to play to survive. The circle is the letter ‘o’, the triangle is part of the letter ‘j’, and the square is ‘m’, so side by side, it reads ‘O J M’.

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